Asteroid Analytics

Deflecting hazardous asteroids and using them as resources can unlock our potential for innovation and expand our economy into the solar system. Let's keep learning. Let's keep growing.

Yuri's Night

Summary Yuri's Night is a global space party held on April 12th. While we celebrate exploration and togetherness, we are also still in the infancy of human spaceflight. This date was also consequential in 18th century exploration and serves as a reminder of grit, determination, and not resting in one's reputation or previous accomplishments....

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2017 OM1

Summary Small asteroids are faint and hard to detect. Many times they are not spotted until they approach Earth's orbit very closely. A newly discovered asteroid named 2017 OM1 is a good example of this, and its story gives some insight into the challenges of trying to protect ourselves against asteroid impact threats. On...

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362P/2008 GO98

Summary The distinctions between a comet and an asteroid are quite a bit less clear than many of us were taught in middle school. There's a peculiar object named 362P/2008 GO98 that's being observed right now, and its story is evolving and ongoing. It highlights this increasingly fuzzy overlap in definitions and just...

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Economy of Space

What value do we get from doing things in space? What is the potential for the commercialization of space? And what does that have to do with asteroids? Summary Every non-biological resource that we use here on Earth can be found in asteroids. Once we begin to extract and use these resources, we will...

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Planetary Defense - Characterization (Part 2)

What do we need to do to deflect an asteroid that's going to hit Earth? It's not very simple and it requires decades of intense study and continued technological development.  We're not there yet. find it and characterize the asteroid's orbit EARLY determine its composition and spin rate decide whether or not to deploy...

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