Asteroid Analytics

Deflecting hazardous asteroids and using them as resources can unlock our potential for innovation and expand our economy into the solar system. Let's keep learning. Let's keep growing.



Research and Advocacy Organizations

Center for Near Earth Object Studies - NASA's center for computing asteroid and comet orbits and their odds of Earth impact
NASA Planetary Defense Coordination Office - NASA's office for coordinating a US government response to an actual impact threat
Planetary Science Institute - private, nonprofit corporation dedicated to solar system exploration and research
Lunar and Planetary Institute - research organization for lunar and planetary science
University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory - academic organization dedicated to solar system research
Spaceguard Foundation - collection of observatories worldwide that are engaged in near earth object observation
Asteroid Day - organization behind Asteroid Day (June 30th), an ongoing global awareness campaign addressing asteroid impact risks
B612 Foundation - organization devoted to protecting Earth from asteroid impacts
International Asteroid Warning Network - UN-sanctioned organization of experts that study asteroids and communicate threats

Information Databases About Asteroids

Minor Planet Center - IAU identification, designation, and orbit calculations
Near Earth Object Dynamic Site - information and services for all near earth asteroids
European Asteroid Research Node - database of physical and dynamic properties of near earth objects
Jet Propulsion Lab Solar System Dynamics - orbits, physical characteristics, and discovery circumstances for most solar system objects
Asteroid Radar Research - central site for NASA's radar observations of asteroids
Database of Asteroid Models from Inversion Techniques - database of asteroid models and computer visualization
Asteroid/Comet Connection - published astrometry news, tracking, and risk tables on solar system small bodies

Tools and Analytics

Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation and Analysis - site with many asteroid visualization and analytics tools
NASA Ames Research Center Trajectory Browser - search engine, a visualizer, and mission summaries for designing trajectories to planets and small bodies
WorldWide Telescope - interactive visualization software for touring the known universe